The access to the platform is for free, the only requisite is to be a member of a TESOL association in a Latin American country and to complete a registration form online.

An academic network to share ideas, best practices, knowledge and research, addressing our context and our Latin-American learners and teachers' needs

TESOL Latam is the site where you will be able to:

  • Join a community of practice
  • Find and share resources especially designed for Latin-American students
  • Talk about your best practices, ideas, thoughts and reflections about English teaching and learning
  • Discuss with teachers around Latin America to implement joint activities
  • Find job opportunities
  • Find peers to write and publish articles, to start joint research projects or to participate in joint activities
  • Find tips, recommendations and suggestions

Our Latin American countries are facing almost the same problems and are seeking better results in learner’s English proficiency and teacher’s professional development. Our goals will be easier to achieve by sharing, comparing, discussing and learning from people who face the same kind of challenges. TESOL Latam wants to promote collaboration and communication to make the region stronger in TESOL, joining efforts and holding hands throughout the continent.

An initiative from TESOL Colombia sponsored by Universidad de La Sabana ©2023 TESOL

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